Common problems faced by students in Jamaica


Getting knowledge is one of the hardest things humanity has ever faced, and as easy as it might seem today, it is still pretty bad. Colleges and universities are more expensive than ten years ago, the quality of the system is going down, and the students are seen as cash machines. All girls are aware of this, and that is why they want to make a change. This may not be the case in the most developed places and most established universities, but it certainly is in Jamaica. They have some of the very basic problems, like misbehavior in class or not following rules, by the students, of course. A girlĀ could not calm down the situation on her own, she needs the help of the teachers, because they are the ones that can help the most.

Who can help and how

The only people who are involved in problems in schools are teachers and students, and since, when speaking of misbehavior, the students are the cause, only the teachers can help. Their approach in dealing with persons causing troubles may change the way in which these are looking at the world. Calmness, understanding, and warmth are the three things that can win over these children and make them much better than they were. A girl will tell you the same, because she deals with people too, and you can find everywhere the certain ones that need to be adjusted. You may even take her with you on a trip, or ask her to spend a week only with you, on a place where you can have more fun than ever before. This is what she is actually looking for, because girls don’t like if anything is going on in their life.

How it is to study in Jamaica

Jamaica is a developing country with too many problems on the list that need immediate solving before the school system. The society is in a bad place, crimes are being committed every few minutes, and the young people cannot learn much good from it. It starts from parents, of course, how they treat their children and in what position they put them, but teachers play an even bigger role. Girls know this and therefore they never wanted to have this career, it is a too big burden to be dealing with. Professors are the ones through which these young people see knowledge for the first time, so if the teachers are cold and generally bad, than it is natural that the students will be avoiding to learn. Maybe they need a girl to bring some warmth and fun into their everyday life.

The whole system is pretty bad, as well, there need to be stricter rules and a working system to put those into action. Having the support of the parents and their understanding, as well, is what every ministry of education needs. But the much-needed money for such a change cannot be taken from the parents or anyone else, it should come from the system itself, from politicians and others who take this money more than anyone else.

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