Side effects of using an extender device

wondering man

Have you ever been insecure about your package? I’ll tell you this much, buddy. I was too. Emphasis on the word was there because now, it’s a different story. Once the rookie I was, I’ve heard the word SizeGenetics talked about more loudly than the others. I wouldn’t want myself to be insecure for the rest of my life, so I had to take things into my own hands – literally.

I’ve also heard that there were no reports that extender devices have caused harm to the sexual organ, and depending on the brand, you could wear it comfortably under your clothes. This better be worth it, the desperate me thought at that time.

I wasn’t much of a researcher and I went in blind without knowing what’s about to happen if I were to use this penis enlarger. I might not have erectile dysfunction despite how common it is among men and surprisingly so, penis enlargers could actually help you out with this.

What it’s like to be on penis enlargers

At the time I’ve started wearing it, I noticed a sudden increase in libido and sensitivity of my nerves even when it was just slightly bumped. As much as it sounds like a downside for you, it’s sort of a love-hate relationship for me.

Aside from being hornier than I used to, it did not fail to not involve my girth into the equation. It’s given it a thicker circumference that enhanced my sex life further with how impressive it looks.

Might I add that the head (or glans) of my penis has become thicker, as well. For something that is really comfortable to wear (assuming that you bought the right size for you), this has become my go-to extender device for little John.

Although, you have to be really patient with using SizeGenetics, the effect that it had on my penis was much more rewarding than I expected; it did not only gain inches but it’s also harder and firm than it used to.

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